Company Services

Jettysoft's software development suite includes the following:

iPhone applications development

We have been developing iPhone applications for more the two years. Our apps take full advantage of the iPhone technologies: GPS, multi-touch interface, push notification service, accelerometer, Wi-Fi, and many more.

iPad applications development

iPad offers more real estate for applications that our engineers know how to take advantage of. Besides developing new applications, Jettysoft also helps the customers to port iPhone apps to iPad.

Mac applications development

We have been developing software for Mac OS X using Cocoa framework and Objective-C language for many years. Also, we are experts in Core Animation, Core Data, QuickTime and other Apple's native technologies that were designed to build high performance applications.

Many years ago when we started developing software for Mac OS X in Australia, this system was not as popular as it is these days. However, we loved Macintosh aesthetic, we admired the expertise behind Apple's products and we believed this was the right thing to do. Today we are happy to offer our skills and experience to the rapidly growing demand for Mac OS X applications.

New Apple technologies offer so many opportunities that it is hard to list them all on one page. Let us help you to explore full potential of them. Find out how your business can benefit from our products.